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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is recognized as one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century. His work heralded a new thinking in architecture, using innovation in design and engineering made possible by newly developed technology and materials.

Now, Alumicolor® has teamed up with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to bring you these creative and innovative signature Wright products.

Frank Lloyd Wright products are available at Frank Lloyd Wright stores.

Frank Lloyd Wright product flyer (pdf).

Picture of Standard T-Square

6" Flat Side Architect Pocket Scale with Clip

  • Handy and useful drafting tool.
  • Fit in a pocket or clipped to a notebook.
  • Ideal for field work.
Picture of Professional T-Square

12" Architect Hollow Scale

  • Used by architects, engineers, realtors, builders, electricians, landscapers, installers and other building professionals around the globe.

12" Architect AlumiDrafter™

  • Designed by a practicing architect.
  • Four tools in one - measure & sale plans, draw circles & arcs, draw angles & triangles, use as a straight cutting edge
  • Easy to carry in a notebook.


Ludwig Precision Scholastic T-Square  

24" Aluminum Drafting Tube

  • Protect drawings and plans during transportation.
  • Includes a plastic-encapsulated ID tag in the cap.
  • Perfect for artists and architects alike.


Ludwig Precision Heavy Duty T-Square  

Architect Gift Set

  • Double-hinged leatherette gift box with ramp spirals design.
  • "Autographed" mechanical pencil.
  • Pocket scale with clip, featuring an inspirational Wright quote.


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