6" Flat Side Architect Pocket Scale

Frank Lloyd Wright

6" Flat Side Pocket Scale

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Alumicolor® Pocket Scales are very handy and useful pocket drafting tools. About the size of a ball-point pen, these tools are ideal for field work. Many professionals, including architects, engineers, realtors, landscapers, builders, installers, and electricians use these handy scales on a daily basis. These highly accurate and functional tools are imprinted with an inspirational Wright quote and will be treasured and used for years.

Architect, Engineering and Combination versions are also available with clip.


6" Flat Side Architect Pocket Scale

Code Version MSRP Bar Code
3018-9B-FLW-Q 6" Flat-Side Architect Pocket Scale $8.00 6-47020-30196-2
  • Packaging: Clear plastic storage tube with cap (no extra charge).
  • Dimensions: 0.359" wide per side.
  • Available at Frank Lloyd Wright stores.

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